ESPON Contact Points

ESPON Contact Points (ECPs) The ESPON Contact Points (ECPs) Network is a European wide network of national contact persons from research institutes and/or public institutions supporting the coordination and scientific networking within the ESPON programme. Basically, ECPs undertake a multitude of tasks:At national level, ECPs contribute to the programme implementation in Member States, in particular by providing support to Transnational Project Groups in the project development process in cooperation with the ESPON Coordination Unit (tendering procedures, access to data and information). They also play an important role in the promotion and dissemination of ESPON results towards national stakeholders and manage a national network of researchers. As a coordination network, they also support Transnational Project Groups by fostering exchanges with other projects and with the Coordination Unit, and finally, by commenting on the Interim and Final reports, bringing national perspectives to the results achieved at EU level. A financial mechanism has been set up by the programme to support ECPs in developing further their networking activities at transnational level.Information on their transnational activities is available under 'Transnational Networking Activities'.